About Mark

Mark has spent over 25 years working for a National Voluntary Organisation as a Regional Training and Development Officer. He has combined this experience along with his training as a teacher and youth worker to develop his own unique style.

Mark is passionate about personal growth and development and empowering leadership. Mark has designed and developed among others, a range of training programmes including mentoring, vocational exploration, supervision skills, appraisal models, team roles and behaviours; a national programme for paid workers demonstrating competency; a coaching programme for use in church settings; courses for working with difficult behaviour and new models of leadership.


Some of these programmes have been developed for a national setting while others have started life in a regional setting, later to be used in other parts of the UK. The common thread that runs through all this work is the focus on the individual and the setting of goals to move that person forwards. In other words the elements of good coaching practice have been both embedded and adopted as the preferred model of working.

Mark has experience of being a tutor and teacher in Higher Education at the Methodist Theological College in Durham, based in Cranmer Hall in St John’s College. Apart from some teaching Mark has developed a Diversity Programme for all first year Students to complete. As part of tutorial work Mark has developed the use of the coaching model as an integral part of the tutorial experience.